• SCapital - Leaders in Managing Investment Risk

    Growing Wealth in a Complex World,
    Thomas Schneeweis, Institute for Global Asset & Risk Management, 2014

    "Simple stock and bond diversification as a means to manage investor risk is now more than 60 years old. Today we need a more modern and more dynamic approach to the creation of investor's portfolios including a wider range of asset classes and rule based approaches to managing portfolio risk."

  • Praise for Postmodern Investment (John Wiley, 2012)

    Thomas Schneeweis and Hossein Kazemi, S Capital Co-Authors.

    "Serious Investment advisors and consultants would be well served by reading and absorbing the concepts in this groundbreaking book... Advisors and consultants need to free themselves from the past in order to best serve their clients in the future."
    Sean R. Walters CEO/Executive Director, IMCA

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    CAIA Investment Research Award For Excellence


    Thomas Schneeweis, S Capital Management Partner given 2012 Award for Academic Excellence by Global Leader in Professional Certification in Alternative Investments (CAIA)

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    Praise for The New Science of Asset Allocation (John Wiley, 2010)

    Thomas Schneeweis and Hossein Kazemi, S Capital Co-Authors.

    "Investing is all about keeping an open mind as to different ways of seeing the world. The authors have succeeded in compiling an insightful view of asset allocation that should go down as a landmark in this field." Eric R,Breval, Managing Director, AVS (Swiss Federal Social Security Fund).


S Capital Management

S Capital creates investment portfolios that help our investors to minimize significant downside risk while participating in upside returns through the use of a range of modern investment options and risk management approaches that are suitable for each client's unique situation.

S Capital Management is mindful of the changing seasons in your life and of which investments fit which season.  In any season, however, there are also unexpected storms, and without the right protection, all can be lost.  S Capital is focused on the growth of your investments while understanding the necessity to help protect your assets against unexpected storms.  We look forward to working with you through all the seasons of your life.

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